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Charity Legacy Gifts

Making a legacy gift to charity is often one of those things we often forget to consider when making a will. By leaving a legacy gift to charity, you are ensuring that you money is working towards causes that are important to you.  In addition including a charity legacy gift in your will is probably the most tax effective way for you to give to charity as it is excluded from inheritance tax.

Supporting a charity through a provision for a charity legacy gift in your will ensures that the charity can continue to fund vital services currently provided in the future. Your future support can help ease the pain of many people dependent of the support of charities and can greatly improve the standard of care and life they experience.

How does Help Charities is the Irish leader in the provision of wills and helps support charities and their long term goals in a number of ways ranging from the inclusion of charity donation options to our specific charity program. Outlined below is three ways in which we currently help charities and we are continually looking to new ways of supporting Irish Charities.

1 - Our Online Will Software:
Irishwills online will making software enables users to leave legacy gifts to charities in three distinctive ways. Specifically the software includes a separate facility which directly asks the will writer if they would like to make a legacy gift to a charity of their choice. This further serves as a reminder to will writers to consider making a legacy gift to charities. The following gifts can be made:

  • A Residuary gift - a share of the remainder of your estate once expenses and other gifts have been deducted;

  • A Cash gift - a sum of money;

  • A Specific gift - a specific item such as a car, house etc.

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2 - Our Last Will & Testament Kit:
Our last will and testament kit is equipped with a specific section which includes a clause which can be used to enable the will writer to make a charity legacy gift, again this specific clause serves as a reminder to the will writer to consider making a legacy gift to a charitie. Furthermore, the option of making a charity gift through residuary gifts, cash gifts and specific gifts are all open to the will writer.

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3 - Our Charity Program: have created a special charity donation system and added it to our website. In brief, when a charity signs up to our donation system, it will be asked to place a link from their website to our website. When a person comes from the charity’s website and makes a will on our website, a specific percentage of the proceeds of that person’s purchase (including wills, books and forms) will be donated to the referring charity from Irishwills.

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For more detailed information on the topic above and other issues relating to Irish wills, read our Last Will & Testament Kit written by an Irish Solicitor to answer all your questions.


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