Living Will Kit

 Living Will Kit

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Updated for 2013

Updated: May 2013

While the legal status of living wills is somewhat unclear in Ireland, many sensible people in Ireland are now preparing living wills. In this legal kit, we will briefly introduce you to the position regarding living wills in Ireland and take you step-by-step through the process of making a personalised living will. It will show you how to:

  • specify your preferences for end-of-life treatments;
  • avoid unwanted medical procedures;
  • avoid family disputes;
  • reduce healthcare costs; and
  • more.

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Living Will Kit

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Living Will Kit Overview!

Have you ever considered what you would want to happen if an accident or an illness left you in a coma or in a permanent state of unconsciousness? Or, what if you were diagnosed as suffering from an irreversible terminal illness? Would you want to have your life prolonged by any means possible – even at the expense of your quality of life? Or, would you prefer to have a natural death rather than spending years hooked up to a life support machine?


A living will is a document that allows you to have a say in these matters by expressing your preferences now in relation to the receipt and non-receipt of certain life-prolonging medical procedures that you could receive if you became terminally ill or permanently unconscious and unable to communicate your own wishes. These life-prolonging medical procedures are generally aimed at keeping you alive (sometime artificially) rather than fixing the underlying problem which is often virtually untreatable (such as multiple organ failures or severe brain damage). For they example, they can provide that where you are terminally ill and fall into a coma that you will be allowed die naturally rather than being hooked up to a life support machine until the illness finally destroys your internal organs.


If the absence of having a living will, close family members will generally be allowed to make life-sustaining medical decisions for you during any period in which you are terminally ill or permanently incapacitated (mentally) and unable to make these decisions yourself. While this can be beneficial for you, there is always a risk that your family members would make decisions based on what they believe is best for you rather than what you would actually want in the circumstances. They may then have to live with the guilt of having made that decision. Of course, if they knew what you really wanted, things would of course be so much easier for them.


This Living Will Kit has been prepared and approved by experienced solicitors for the purpose of helping you prepare a clear and concise living will. It takes you step-by-step through the process of making a living will, clearly explaining the manner in which living wills can work, what they can cover, when they can become operative, what medical procedures they can cover and much more. In addition, it contains an easy-to-complete living will form that you can use to instruct your family and doctors regarding your end-of-life treatment preferences.


This kit contains everything you need to create a personalised living will quickly and easily.



Living Will Kit


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