IrishWills - About Us is a website owned and operated by Enodare Limited, a legal publishing company operating in Ireland. Enodare, which was co-founded by an Irish qualified solicitor, is the leading provider of self-help legal products in Ireland.


Our products include books, legal kits, legal forms, online software and offline (CD ROM) software covering areas such as estate planning (wills, living wills, powers of attorney, etc), business (company incorporation, purchase and sale agreements, NDAs, etc), property (leases, eviction notices, etc), banking, and many other areas. is a niche site focusing solely on estate planning. Enodare's main website can be viewed at

Martin O'Donoghue
Martin O'Donoghue, Solicitor
Managing Director of Enodare Ireland

About Our Customers & Products

Our products are used by everyday people will little or no legal background who simply want to create valid legal documents without incurring the substantial fees usually charged by solicitors. These are the same people who want the comfort of knowing that their documents have been prepared and pre-approved by qualified Irish solicitors with years of legal experience.

Customers of Irish Wills can use our online Will Writer software to make a last will & testament from the comfort of their own home, or they can purchase an electronic or physical copy of our estate planning kits through various retailers including Amazon, Easons, WH Smith, and many others.
We are always interested in receiving feedback from customers. So, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.


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Why Over 50,000+ Customers Rely on Us to Protect Their Families?

  Lawyer Prepared Documents

Solicitor Prepared Documents

You will be using documents which have been prepared, reviewed and pre-approved by solicitors with years of estate planning experience.

  State Specific

Compliant with Irish Law

You will be using tried and tested documents specifically tailored to comply with the various legal requirements applicable under Irish law.



  Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Your documents will contain advanced solicitor-approved provisions not usually found in standard run-of-the-mill online documents.


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